Lirik Lagu You Make My World So Colourful  Daniel Sahuleka

Penyanyi - Daniel Sahuleka


Morning sunshine in our room ;
Now that room is back in tune ;
Autumn start this day with a smile ;
And laugh at my beautiful love one ;
Who’s lying besides me ;
You so far away in your sleep ;
Who can tell what dream you may dream ;
You dont know that I was drawing ;
With my finger on your sweet young face ;
Vague as a meaning words ;
[*] ;
You make my world so colorful ;
I never had it so good ;
My love I thank you for all the love ;
You gave to me ;
Like a summer breeze so soft ;
Like a rose you bring me near ;
And I kiss your lips so sweet ;
Soft like the rain and gentle as ;
The morning dew in may ;
Though they said that I was wrong ;
But thank god my will so strong ;
I got you in the palm of my hand ;
Everyday they tried to put me on ;
But I laugh at those who tried to hurt our love ;
[* Repeat Till Fade] ;


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